Use Pinning To Bring More Traffic To A Specific Piece of Content

Marketing your content can be difficult. If you are creating a lot of content and pushing it out through social media it can get lost with everything else. Recently a few social networks have added a little-known feature which allows you to easily give more visibility to a specific piece [...]

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Are You Resharing Content on Social Media Multiple Times?

You’ve taken the time to write a great piece of content and you instantly share it on social media. After that it sort of sits there dormant. Many people miss out on resharing great content on social media multiple times. Why should you reshare multiple times though? According to Wiselytics [...]

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Social Media Your Business Needs To Be On In 2016

If you own your own business or are a marketing / social media manager for a company the social landscape has really changed over the past few years. Typically you would use Facebook and Twitter to connect with customers and build communities there, but there are new emerging social networks [...]

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