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Project Description

Fatal1ty Gaming Products

Johnathan ‘Fatal1ty’ Wendel’s relentless pursuit of winning garnered him an unprecedented 12 World Championship e-Sports titles contested in 5 different games—a feat still unmatched.

Over the course of his professional gaming career, Fatal1ty set the world standard for competitive video gaming. Today, that standard is translated through the products that carry the Fatal1ty brand name.

Fatal1ty’s experience as the world’s most successful video gamer gives him a unique and unrivaled perspective as to what gamers need and want from the gaming products they purchase in order to gain a competitive advantage. Fatal1ty’s dedicated involvement in product development allows the Fatal1ty brand to bring to market award winning products with technically advanced features discriminating gamers seek and can afford. This fact has translated into a trust and a personal relationship with gamers for products that are second to none.

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